Superhero Cake – Batman & Spiderman

Without making the actual hero figurines (as I would normally do), I’ve decorated each tier to represent the superhero’s unique identity and it was so much fun to create!
The Superhero cake design was inspired by Jack’s favourite superheroes – Batman & Spiderman.  

Check Out The Video!

I’ve recorded a behind-the-scenes-video of the entire process of making the cake.

Paw Patrol Tower Cake

Paw Patrol Cake

This Paw Patrol Tower Cake was a whooping 22″ tall!

Trust me, it was a real challenge to construct and had me in tears at one point yell  Especially the slide going around the tower.  I mean how difficult can it be to suspend sugar paste in mid air and shape it in a half tube and wrap it around a tower?

Tower Cake

I must say I was really pleased with the end result and Inara was super excited about her cake.  Her mum texted me afterwards and used the words “amazing masterpiece” which to me means a job well done, so yes I’m super happy! laughing


TVR Chimaera cake


Super Heroes