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Firstly, I would like to welcome you to my website! I am Corienne, founder of Ultimate Cake Art and I have a big passion for creating artistic cakes that reflect each customers’ personal requests. I love every moment of it!

Once I have a cake theme, I like to design and sketch a few cake design options that brings something personal to each cake. To give you an example, sometimes I would ask for a picture of the birthday girls party clothes and dress the figure on the cake to look like the birthday girl. The reaction is priceless, especially when she would say – look Mum, the figure has the same t-shirt as I. Truly priceless and I know she will always remember her cake 😉

 I can’t thank you enough Corienne! The cake was such an AMAZING masterpiece! You are so talented! All kids and adults were admiring it and asked to share your details, which we’ll happily do! Oh and the taste was superb – loved the moist chocolate xxx

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